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LA Art Show

Scenes from the LA Art Show

Crowds at the LA Art Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center prevented free movement through some of the aisles when we attended on Saturday. The show had been going on since Thursday. The show was remarkably diverse, both in terms of the exhibitors and in terms of the attendees. While a fair share of

Antiques Business

Loveday Antiques Dealership

What Do You Do in a Declining Industry? Share

What do people resort to in a declining industry? They fight. Everyone is a competitor. “They” are the enemy. But that’s not good for the industry as a whole, and it’s not good for any particular show. It’s certainly not good for the consumer of antiques and vintage. The owner of a prominent local art

Texas Art

Maryanne Meltzer 1984 Exhibit Northlake College

Strangers Revisiting from 1984 at North Lake College

Familiar strangers result from artworks displayed again at North Lake College after 30 years. Dallas Artist Maryanne Meltzer explored the topic of strangers and alienation in a 1984 exhibit. This month the works return, this time alongside those of artist Allison Proulx. Formerly a movie set designer in Los Angeles, Proulx’s seems to work in a parallel universe with Meltzer.


Damien Hirst, Shark

The Mental Impossibility of Depreciation in the Mind of Someone Buying

Book Review: The $12 Million Stuffed Shark: The Curious Economics of Contemporary Art by Don Thompson. If you are one of the many out there with the impression that contemporary art is a good investment, you may come away with a different impression after reading the $12 Million Stuffed Shark. This book has been out for



Cartier Exhibition Arrives at Denver Art Museum

Opening Sunday, the Denver Art Museum (DAM) will be the sole venue for Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century featuring stunning jewelry, timepieces and precious objects created between 1900 and 1975. Brilliant will present a selection of themes ranging from Art Deco to old Hollywood glamour that cut across time periods and styles to display