The sound of aristocrat, the price for well-heeled

Collecting is about acquiring things valuable, or should I say invaluable? From toy trains to vinyl records, what matters is personal experiences and feelings. It does not surprise me that some vinyl record cost so much that you probably will never listen to them in your lifetime in order to maintain prestine considition. One example […]

Transcendental Travels

Winston Churchill once said “the farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” This quote as I learned of it came from a book about the Luminist painter Fitz H. Lane, a transcendental-influenced Unitarian. The author, James A. Craig had something more to say on the way time relates to […]

Thoughts after the fun tests

Here are the two tests that you may take it at lighter side. “True or fake art” is a test based on modern and contemporary works. I scored 75 in this test. “Famous or unknown artist ” is a test with mostly impressionistic works. Although I scored another 75, two works that I identified as […]

Mainly Goldenrod — Works by Joe Witzel

The opening reception of recent works by Joe Witzel is held at PANZA Gallery in Millvale yesterday. Joe, living in Troy hill of Pittsburgh, frequently drives up to Moraine State Park to draw the goldenrods in different seasons. When I stood in a full room of goldenrod paintings in vivid colors and eye-catching forms, the […]