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It is known to all that J. M. W. Turner bequeathed his finished works to Britain in his will and it was 22 years later after he died that a law was established to allow his works lent outside of Britain. Met houses almost a room of Rembrandt, yet has only two works by Turner. So when such a name appears on eBay, it would bring attention and suspicion. It is not a question of whether , but a question of why? Why should the seller put the work on eBay if he could fetch a huge sum of money from auction houses?

Here is the description:


Description: Wonderful oil painting which is fully signed lower left for this much celebrated and collected British marine artist. The quality of this painting is truly superb, one of the best you’ll ever see! A great opportunity to buy a quality oil with no reserve! Wouldn’t it be fabulous to buy a Turner at a fantastic price? Indeed it would.

Artist: Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851. Probably the greatest maritime painter of all time. The painting is fully signed but as we have no provenance this painting is sold as attributed. Please be sure to bid with this in mind.
Medium: Oil on canvas.

Size: Measures 19″ x 11.5″ and 23″ x 16″ framed.

Condition: The painting is in good condition for its age. The paint has cracked over the years but this has been stabilized by the lining which was carried out at least 100 years ago. Some of the cracks have been in-painted. The frame could do with an overhaul which would involve replacing the few missing bits of molding and re-gilding. This I can do at cost price. Inquire for a price if this is required. Estimate: Auction estimate $$$$$$$$$. This painting did not come my way cheaply so I am taking a risk but I’m sure it will find its own level!

As always I only sell quality paintings and have 100% feedback. Feel free to ask any questions. Buyer to pay shipping at cost.

There are several things that should alert potential buyers:

1. Buyer ID private
This is simply the worst eBay policy which only encourages the rampant frauds and shilling bids. If the item is highly confidential such as special adult underwears or adult magazines, it is reasonable to hide the buyers’ identity. But such a policy prevents buyers from communication and makes shilling bids almost undetectable.

2. “The painting did not come my way cheaply”, how expensive is “not cheaply” so that the seller is not willing to give an estimate. At the same time, the seller is willing to let it go without a reserved price.

3. So we have a signature. The painting does bear Turner’s preference of yellowish color scheme and marine subject. But Turner’s paintings usually purport a sense of light so illuminating that can be described as dazzling. Here the light is not convincing, it is diffused in a way certainly in a manner favored by John Constable.

4. Shipping to worldwide while no specific shipping cost to outside U.K. is disclosed.

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