Size Matters

The outcome result of Barridoff Auctioni on Aug 3 proves that there are plenty of money of investors and collectors, as long as there are quality of works in the market.

Most of the paintings were sold within estimation, with only a few expections such as the first lot (a 19th century painting of Hong Kong port with exceptional provnenance), a painting by Rackstraw Downes (Lot 148), Carmen Laffon’s work (Lot 51) and in particular a sunset painting by William Henry Buck which was sold six times higher than the upper estimate.

However, works by bigger names were not quite that popular: an oil painting on board by George Inness was sold for $22,000, a study by Bierstadt was sold for $40,000. Aaron Gorson’s powerful steelmill painting with several others didn’t sell because the final bids were below reserved values.

But these are mostly small, in fact some can be called tiny if ones consider the normal size of Bierstadt.
In a recent Antique Digest, it was stated that with the current booming art market, collectors will pay price A for a work by a painter B because money can be accumulated fast in the strong economy while paintings by masters are only limited.
But still, results from Barridoff show that quality sells, or simply size matters, at least for some period or style.

More result can be found at here.

About Hui

Wang Hui lived from 1632 - 1717 and followed in the footprints of his great grandfathers, grandfather, father and uncles and learned painting at a very early age. He was later taught by two contemporary masters, Zhang Ke and Wang Shimin, who taught him to work in the tradition of copying famous Chinese paintings. This is most likely the reason why critics claim that his work is conservative and reflects the Yuan and Song traditions. One critic claimed that "his landscape paintings reflect his nostalgic attachment to classical Chinese aesthetics. Along with the other Wangs, Wang Hui helped to perpetuate the tradition of copying the ancient masters rather than creating original work.

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