How serious can an under-evaluation be?

I have seen works by Western Pennsylvania painters such as George Hetzel or Joseph Woodwell fetch three or four times higher than their estimated value at auction. But one week ago, such misvaluation might have reached a record as the item was auctioned 1000 times higher than the estimation. A cracked and damaged claret jug […]

Joseph Ryan Woodwell at Auction

A hansome pair of Joseph Ryan Woodwell paintings sold at auction this weekend. Wiederseim auction house had estimated the paintings would fetch between $200 and $300, far short of the $2400 they ended up bringing. The last Woodwell painting I know of to come up at auction was in October of ’06. That painting, somewhat […]

Live Auction, live from where?

GoAntiques caught my eyes once because of a painting attributed to Gainsborough. I had seen that painting before from some seller on ebay auction and dismissed such a stretch of an attribution. But when it reappeared in GoAntiques, at one time I thought I was wrong. After all, big auction houses have experts and appraisers […]