Owning Things

Compulsive hoarding can be defined as an obsessive-compulsive disorder. That doesn’t mean that all hoarding is a disorder, however. Moreover, there are distinctions to be drawn between “hoarding,” “accumulating” and the more positively connoted “collecting.” These differentiations were among the issues discussed during a recent panel discussion sponsored by the Center for Humanities at the […]

Murakami and the Asian Influence

At one weak juncture of my life I purchased a “Hello Kitty” toaster. It was such an oddity, not only the bright plastic design, but the cat shaped burn marks it produced on the toast. My toaster may have been the first time the culture of Japan was to officially enter my homespace, but hardly […]

Appreciating the Antique

It’s generally understood that the century mark defines an object as an antique. We all know, however that artistic value is not acquired by age. While most of us refer to our hobby as antique collecting, what most of us really seek is not just age, but the artistic values of an old object. To […]