Antiques go online (Continued)

On my first visit to the antiques strip along Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn, I noticed almost all stores have their websites, except probably Horseman, which is stuffed with mid-century items scattered over five floors. In the “Incurable Collector Antiques” store, a Columbia University student majoring in journalism was interviewing the owner when I was there. […]

A Stroll at Dusk

The other side of the East River I hear the tides of the Sound Leaves whistling, flowers trembling and brown stones shimmering at twilight Everything is quivering, like struck by a Cupid’s arrow mellowing out in sweet sorrow Lights off and on Lady Columbia puts on her night gown in a gossamer of Cabernet Sauvigon […]

Atlantic Goes Online

“Even the antiques along Atlantic Avenue are getting too old for the hip, new neighborhood. A quarter-century ago, the street was an antiques destination and home to 34 stores selling Victorian-era furniture, 1970s-era rotary phones, and everything in between — and homeowners citywide descended on Atlantic Avenue to fill their brownstones.” Link to the story […]

A Visit to Lefferts House

I went to the Lefferts Historic House on the east side of Prospect Park last Sunday. It was a delight to see a house with an outdoor garden. Lefferts’ first house was burned during the revolution by interestingly American instead of British. The current house or more precisely homestead was built in the 1780’s; therefore […]