MTT at Carnegie Hall

On the third night that Michael Tilson Thomas and his San Francisco Symphony Orchestra took the stage of Carnegie Hall, the program fell back into conventional: a compact symphony by Knussen preludes Beethoven 9. Knussenā€™s symphony has extremely crafted texture and colors: strings either contributed ghostly tremolos or chopped abruptly with percussion-wise sound. It is […]

Period Rooms Open Again at Brooklyn Museum

Some of the Period Rooms, which had been temporarily closed, are open again at the Brooklyn Museum. The rooms had been off limits pending the installation of “Exhibitions: 21: Selections of Contemporary Art from the Brooklyn Museum.” If you go, don’t miss “Exhibitions: Jesper Just: Romantic Delusions.” I walked in out of simple curiosity, an […]

Not Enough Dutch?

Luck had it the two Schenck houses were saved by Brooklyn Museum. The Schencks were not dignitaries or high ranked officials, the fact that they were rescued from demolition is a pure timely coincidence of historical preservation, availability of funding and space, and devoted curatorial efforts. But Brooklyn was largely a Dutch town for more […]

The Unutterable

It is as hard to imagine music without late Beethoven as to understand why they were so cherished when I was younger. My tastes in fine art appreciation, in retrospective, seem to follow a similar route. Late Beethoven has forlorn the grandeur discourse and exceptional prowess, instead he expressed a sense of instability that roots […]