Ramsess II

There was a moment of silence when my friend asked me why Egyptian art? Why a people 5,000 years ago whose language obsolete? Nothing is more striking than looking at this picture of head of Ramsess II lying on the rubbles. It is sad, mysterious, and marvelous despite of the damage. If we obliterate the […]

Planned, Then and Now

Perhaps it was too ambitious at the beginning, a design in the second half of Gilded Age when everything should be grand and opulent. The original design of the Brooklyn Museum by McKim, Mead and White would outshine Louvre and Met in its scale, but once the city of Brooklyn merged with Manhattan, the other […]

Goodbye, eBay Live

Those of you who have used ebay Live often will notice that all listed upcoming auctions are before Jan 1, 2009. Don’t be fooled. This is not because the auction houses have slowed down due to holidays, but eBay has officially ended its eBay live auction services and will focus on their traditional auction business […]

The Hushed Note

Among all the paintings representing American Barbizon and Tonalism paintings in the ongoing “Path to Impressionism” exhibition at Newark Art Museum, Bruce Crane‘s “A November Scene” is the one which speaks to me the most. Everything in the picture is subdued: color, form and subject. The scene is not beautiful itself, but evocative, with a […]