40 Million Dollars For The Chinese Bronze Statues

My view is that even though there is no legal issue with respect to the auction transaction. The bronze statues, due to their significant symbolic meaning (favorite objects of the Emperor QianLong in the Royal Garden which was burned and looted by British and French in 1860), they should be returned to the Chinese government. The buyers must be aware that they would never be proud to exhibit them unless they get the nod from the origin country. Great collections are not built on greed, but on persistence, patience, discipline and consciousness. [Read More…]

Iris Cantor Donates Gustauve Caillebotte “FemmeNue Etendue Sur un Divan” To Met

From the wires: Collector and philanthropist Iris Cantor announced the donation of Femme nue étendue sur un divan (1873) by French Impressionist Gustave Caillebotte as a promised gift to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, as a tribute to Philippe de Montebello, the Museum’s Director Emeritus, who served as the institution’s Director from 1977 through December […]

Follow up — French Judge Rejected the Petition To Block Two Bronze Animal Heads From Yuanming Yuan

A French judge on Monday rejected a petition by a pro-China association to block the sale of two Chinese bronze animal heads at the auction of late fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent’s art collection, French radio reported. Jean-Paul Chazal, a lawyer for Christie’s, said he was “entirely satisfied” by the ruling, and chastised APACE for […]

The Call at the Last Minute — Christie’s Auctioning Relics From Yuanming Yuan

Bronze Rat head Statue I have been watching the progress of the story for a while about Christie’s auctioning bronze relics from Royal Summer Palace. The collections of Saint Laurent Sale have been called a “sale of the century” which could restore market confidence. Now here is the updated news on most of the Western media. And […]

Sudden Outcry

Funny, I was in the Pittsburgh airport early this month. When I passed by the familiar dinosaur, I was curious about what those workers were doing with a panel of aluminum grids. It has never appeared as art for me. Some shining stuff hanging on the wall is not impressive in the airport where everything else looks clean and shining. But the story always follows the same pattern: Some collection or artwork stays unknown or unrelated until it faces its doom days. Then suddenly, we hear the public outcry . And here is the outcry from Pittsburgh, PA [Read More…]

The American Expansiveness — American Waters Exhibition at National Academy Museum

There are eight works by William Trost Richards. It is unusual to see an artist with such a caliber of mastering colors (as shown in his painting “Coastal Scene” in 1862) depicted aquatic scenery with an almost puritanical restrain. In his marvelous watercolor works such as crushing waves or white masts under stormy clouds, nothing would be associated with romanticism like those done by Thomas Moran. The simplicity and clarity in his marine works has a factual tendency, which I found is very enchanting. If Charles Temple Dix found the beauty of seas from the excitement of traveling, then Richards praised rocks and waves that he owned and lived with with unassuming sincerity. [Read More…]