Are Antiques Green?

In a word, yes! Antiques are green because they don’t need to be created, they already exist. That means no carbon has been burned (not recently anyway) to produce an antique. There could be a qualifier, however, and that is assuming the antique hasn’t traveled around in a truck from show-to-show until it’s purchased. If […]

Regional Interests Boost The Sale At Constantine And Pletcher

The strong performance of the auction shows a relatively healthy economy of Pittsburgh region. A. F. King, and Joseph Woodwell are mostly known in the Ohio Valley and Western Pennsylvania area. Westmoreland Museum of American Art, which dedicats their efforts to promoting the art of Southwest Pennsylvania, has through years of exhibition of both permanent collection and temporary shows, curated a group of regional collectors and ignited their fever in appreciating the regional art, in particular Scalp Level School. [Read More…]

Gustave Caillebotte: Impressionist Paintings from Paris to the Sea — New Exhibition At The Brooklyn Museum

This is the first day for public viewing of Gustave Caillebotte: Impressionist Paintings from Paris to the Sea at the Brooklyn Museum. Last night at a members-reception I had the opportunity to view the show, to much delight. I do have to say I agree in part with a New York Times review from this morning, however. Reviewer Holland Cotter wrote that Caillebotte’s paintings “have more to do with academic realism than with the scintillations of Monet.” [Read More…]

If You Look For It, You Will Find It! — Back From Hernan Bas Exhibiton At The Brooklyn Museum

But what will the public see from the current Hernan Bas exhibition? In some paintings, the ambiguity defies one opinion more preferable against another yet more or less viewers can find some common grounds. However, the majority of them, like the turbulent water in dark palette, just reflects what are in viewers’ minds. If you look for it, you will find it. [Read More…]

Philadelphia Chosen To Host 2009 Art Pottery Convention

The American Art Pottery Association’s 29th annual convention will return to The City of Brotherly Love on April 22-26, 2009. The event’s success last year prompted a repeat visit to Philadelphia, and 2009 will feature entirely new tours, seminars, and educational exhibits, many of which highlight the Arts and Crafts movement and its pottery. The convention will again be headquartered at the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel in Langhorne, Pa., located near I-95 and Route 1. [… Read More]

The Triumphant Escapism

Now it has changed: Young generation of Chinese talk about Shostakovitch, Boulez, or John Adams, but 50 years ago, the only officially approved western music in China was of Russian School. Less rhetoric than German, less dandy than French, Russian music is one of the kind that my father’s generation felt and loved. The Bavarian […]