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Pierre Bonnard and the White Tablecloth at the Met

The first exhibition to focus entirely on the radiant late interiors and still-life paintings of Pierre Bonnard (1867-1947) opened January 27, 2009, at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Pierre Bonnard: The Late Interiors features 80 paintings, drawings, and watercolors that date from 1923 to 1947, when Bonnard centered his painting activity in Le Cannet, a

The Impressions of the Unknown R. Mulders

A painter known only as R. Mulders left a number of masterful impressionist paintings, but little else. One painting, Fishing at Low Tide, is currently being offered on ebay. The oil painting is signed by R. Mulders on the lower left corner. His name and his work is all we have to go one. Recently

Philadelphia is the Only Venue for a Major Exhibition Exploring Cézanne’s Impact on Artists of Succeeding Generations

The Bay of Marseille, Seen from L’Estaque, c. 1885 In 1907, the French painter Paul Cézanne’s posthumous retrospective astonished younger artists, accelerating the experimentation of European modernism. Cézanne (1839-1906) became for Henri Matisse “a benevolent god of painting,” and for Pablo Picasso “my one and only master.” Cézanne’s inclusion in the Armory Show in New

Economic Temporary Exhibition

In yesterday’s NYTimes, Ken Johnson wrote a review of the current exhibition of Hernan Bas at the Brooklyn Museum. In the end, Ken pointed out a touchy question: How much the cost saving factor impacts the decision of the installation of a retrospective show of an artist who is just getting started ? Here is the excerpt: But the

Antiques, More than Age

It’s generally understood that the century mark defines an object as an antique. We all know, however that artistic value is not acquired by age. While most of us refer to our hobby as antique collecting, what most of us really seek is not just age, but the artistic values of an old object. To

Art on the Outside

Quite a few of us bring art into our homes. Paintings, tapestries, sculpture and uniquely-crafted furniture bring art to our homelives. Sometimes we bring art into the garden. Unique garden ornaments come together with nature’s green to bring interest to private outdoor areas. Sometimes outdoor sculpture graces commercial areas, but with the exception of the occasional