Philadelphia is the Only Venue for a Major Exhibition Exploring Cézanne’s Impact on Artists of Succeeding Generations

The Bay of Marseille, Seen from L’Estaque, c. 1885 In 1907, the French painter Paul Cézanne’s posthumous retrospective astonished younger artists, accelerating the experimentation of European modernism. Cézanne (1839-1906) became for Henri Matisse “a benevolent god of painting,” and for Pablo Picasso “my one and only master.” Cézanne’s inclusion in the Armory Show in New […]

Art on the Outside

Quite a few of us bring art into our homes. Paintings, tapestries, sculpture and uniquely-crafted furniture bring art to our homelives. Sometimes we bring art into the garden. Unique garden ornaments come together with nature’s green to bring interest to private outdoor areas. Sometimes outdoor sculpture graces commercial areas, but with the exception of the occasional […]