The Father of Us All — “Cézanne and Beyond” Exhibition at Philadelphia Museum of Art

I have always been fond of Cézanne’s portraiture. My favorite ” Portrait of the Artist’s Father” was not exhibited in the show, but there were quite a few portraits.  “Madame Cézanne in a Red Armchair” is a less sculptural work compared to the monumental yet resigned sitter in “The Smoker”. The background wall and fabric […]

Manet at the Met

A lecture scheduled on James McNeill Whistler and John Singer Sargent ran into a slight difficulty when workers removed the works by the two masters from the Nineteenth Century Galleries for reinstallation in the American Galleries (opening May 19). While there were none, save one forgotten portrait for discussion, the talk went on substituting Manet. […]

The Unusual A. F. King — Finding At The Philadelphia Antiques Show

In the Philadelphia Antiques Show, I happened to spot a painting by A. F. King with an unusual subject: Pittsburgh street scene. The meticulous painter of still life and landscape depicted a social strife event in downtown Pittsburgh that would make me wonder what was the story behind it. The dealer ascribed it possibly related to coal strike of 1910-1911, but I doubted it since the brawl happened in an liquor store. On the other side of the street there was a hotel providing accommodation for man and beast, but it closed for no license. Could it be related to the Panic of 1907? It seems to me that the crowd swamped into the store because it had a sign “wanted five more bartenders”at the front. [read more…]