A Conversation About Clocks

This afternoon I had the opportunity to interview clock restorer David Sokosh. The owner of Clinton Hill Clocks, David has a wealth of knowledge about clocks and clock repair, including a history of clock manufacturing in the United States. We discussed both the past and future of clocks, the importance of time, collecting clocks and […]

Hell With The Lid Off — Paintings At Concept Art Gallery Reveals Real Beauty of Western Pennsylvania

In 1868 Boston writer James Parton called Pittsburgh “hell with the lid off.”  The “black” town, however, has never been short of talented artists. For some, the smoke and dirt pushed them to find pastoral retreat nearby; for others like Christian Walter, “no other place in the world has the wealth of material that can […]

A Series of Lectures at Met

May 21, 2009 Francis Bacon: A Centenary Retrospective This one-day symposium gathers leading international scholars to discuss a variety of topics related to the exhibition “Francis Bacon: A Centenary Retrospective.” The first major exhibition in New York in twenty years devoted to one of the most compelling painters of the twentieth century, it features some […]

Doyle Auction Brief

Neither Impressionists nor Ashcan schools were in demand at Doyle auction today. There is a high percentage of unsold among more than 250 lots, even things that were sold seldom met the low estimation. Compared to relative upbeat results from Skinner, the sale at Doyle auction indicates that buyers are more cautious and conservative, especially […]