The Blue Wave

The last Sunday in August at the Met was crowded as usual, even after 5 p.m. “In 10 minutes, we are going to clean the galleries,” one of the security guards told us. “Or as someone called ‘the blue wave’, because most people have never thought so much blue polyester in one place!” What I have […]

John Tefteller Wins Record on Ebay, Issues Press Release

Lots are won on eBay every day, some with high prices, but few buyers respond to a winning lot by issuing a press release. Oregon Blues Collector and longtime Rare Records dealer John Tefteller won a recent eBay auction which featured a previously unknown and potentially one of a kind Blues 45 rpm record produced by the Sun label back in 1953. “I think I stole it,” said Tefteller in his release. [Read More…]

Museum Sale Season

I still remembered the exhibition ” Seeing the City: Sloan’s New York” at Westmoreland Museum of American Art. In one of the lectures, Judith O’Toole, the director, vividly recalled her encounterance with Helen and praised her efforts to protect and preserve Sloan’s legacy. Perhaps she should have ket the independence status of the Trust which would have allowed the works to be temporarily exhibited throughout the country in order to reach a greater amount of audience. There is an old saying — Rules are made to be broken. I wondered how Hellen would feel if she knew the money obtained from deaccessioning Sloan’s works are used to acquire OTHER’s works. [Read More…]

Free Meals

No matter what spokespersons from the banking companies say of their motivations, eventually the art collection that they have amassed are part of their assets which can be sold for financial, tactic or strategic purposes. Art collections are part of their long-term financial investment, which in short term serves for publicity purpose. Just like lending money for interest, each time they lend museums for exhibitions, they are building up the legacy of the collection for monetary gain in future. This must be admitted by those museums who are inclined to accept the offers. [Read more…]

The Journey of Antiquing – 3

There are many factors working against the antiques business. The economy is taking its toll. Baby boomers are downsizing. Young people prefer “vintage” or “retro” to “antiques.” Even the interior designers seem to have it to easy to seek out real antiques. One of the biggest concerns about the future of antiques business is the […]