Herb & Dorothy — New Documentary About Working-class Collectors

A story that will inspire collectors of meager income. Unless you are as rich as Rockefeller family, greatest collectors buy ahead of markets. Persistence and patient make great requisition, to amass great collections one needs eyes and heart.

HERB & DOROTHY Trailer from Herb and Dorothy on Vimeo.

About Hui

Wang Hui lived from 1632 - 1717 and followed in the footprints of his great grandfathers, grandfather, father and uncles and learned painting at a very early age. He was later taught by two contemporary masters, Zhang Ke and Wang Shimin, who taught him to work in the tradition of copying famous Chinese paintings. This is most likely the reason why critics claim that his work is conservative and reflects the Yuan and Song traditions. One critic claimed that "his landscape paintings reflect his nostalgic attachment to classical Chinese aesthetics. Along with the other Wangs, Wang Hui helped to perpetuate the tradition of copying the ancient masters rather than creating original work.

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