World Record of Chinese Porcelain Set at Hanhai Autumn Auction

A Qianlong Vase Broke the World Record
A Qianlong Vase Broke the World Record at Hanhai Auctions

Auction giant Beijing Hanhai Art Auctions concluded three days of successful sales Wednesday, signaling that China’s art market is well on its way to recovery. In particular, a calabash-shaped blue and white vase with a red dragon was sold at Hanhai Autumn Auction for 83,440,000 YMB, approximately more than 10 million dollars, which set the world record for Chinese porcelain. Another jade seal also set the world record with an astonishing price of 17,696,000YMB (more than 2 million dollars).

Here is the news from the CCTV before the sale:

The Hanhai 2009 Autumn Auction has opened at the Kerry Center Hotel in Beijing. A variety of Chinese artworks from the Qing Court will go under the hammer during the three-day auction.

The Beijing Hanhai Auction is hosting the art auction for the first time. The artworks hail from the Qing Dynasty. They featured in the courts of emperors during the Yongzheng, Qianlong and Jiaqing periods. Among them is a calabash-shaped blue and white vase with a red dragon design and a collection of rectangular bamboo-carved boxes with cloud and dragon designs. Both are expected to fetch more than 10 million RMB.

More than 27-hundred artworks will be auctioned. These include modern and ancient Chinese paintings, calligraphy, oil paintings, sculptures, fine jade carvings, gold and copper statues, classical furniture, curios and antiques. This year’s Hanhai Autumn Auction is expected to record transactions between 500 to 600 million RMB. The auction concludes on Wednesday.


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