Go Again Grif

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again. This Grif Teller painting failed to bring even the minimum bid of $15,000 a few months ago at William Bunch Auctions.  June 22nd it brought $61,000. This may put questions into the minds of consignors. Is the hammer price an actual estimate of an items value? Should […]

Mary Todd Lincoln Archive of Commitment Papers Sells to Museum for $37,600

On June 11, 2010, Cowan’s in Cincinnati offered an archive of documents detailing the 1875 insanity hearing and ultimate commitment of Mary Todd Lincoln into Bellevue Place, a private asylum in Batavia, Illinois. A Louisville, Kentucky, family decided to sell the archive after preserving it since the 1930s. The archive, which included the commitment decree, […]

Master Drawings London Celebrates 10th Anniversary

This year Master Drawings London celebrates its 10th anniversary. The inspiration of Crispian Riley-Smith, the event proved an immediate success when first launched in 2001. Many of the galleries taking place this year have participated each year since its inception. Master Drawings London is a collaborative event in which London’s leading drawings specialists join together […]