A Cat I Am

One day some time ago, exactly when is impossible to know for sure, a cat looked up at a camera. It’s unlikely it knew what the dark-colored box was exactly, perhaps expecting food or hearing a curious click, with perfectly positioned paws and an engaging posture the cat looked up, its eyes meeting with the […]

Philadelphia Museum of Art Presents Exhibition Exploring the Fascinations of North African Jewelry

For thousands of years, North Africa, a region that comprises the modern nations of Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya and Egypt, has been a crossroads for trade and the transmission of cultural influences from the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa and Europe. This exhibition explores the richly diverse artistic heritage of North Africa through the presentation of […]

Treasures of Heaven: Saints, Relics, and Devotion in Medieval Europe

First major U.S. exhibition of Christian relics and reliquaries premieres in Cleveland — organized by the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Walters Art Museum and the British Museum This fall the Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA) will premiere a groundbreaking exhibition examining the role of relics and reliquaries in the development of Christianity and the […]