A Short Art Quiz

Here is a four-question art quiz. We’ll randomly choose among those with the correct answers July 31, 2010 and send a free Urban Art and Antiques T-Shirt to a winner. It’s not the world’s easiest quiz, but we’re confident someone will present four correct answers. Click images to expand .

1) This medium of image one is

a) pastel
b) oil
c) watercolor
d) colored pencil

2. The landscape depicted here is likely:

a) Oregon
b) Pennsylvania
c) Missouri
d) Wyoming

3. This section of a painting in image 3 is

a) Claude Monet
b) George Inness
c) Childe Hasaam
d) Jasper Francis Cropsey

4. The artist responsible for the portrait in image 4 is

a) John Singer Sargent
b) Thomas Hart Benton
c) Norman Rockwell
d) Thomas Eakins

Please post your answers in the comments 1, 2, 3, 4, followed by the letter corresponding to your answer. You can also email answers to urbanantiques@gmail.com. Remember to enter your email so we can contact you.

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