Is Art Deco Making a Comeback?

Our present economy may have some similarities to the 1930s and if the Michigan Modernism Exposition is any indication American Art Deco style may be on its way back onto our collecting and decorating palates. According to Don Colclough, also known by his business name, Mr. Modern, there were more modern American art deco items on the floor in Michigan than at any show he’s been too in a long time.

“I couldn’t believe how much was there,” Colclough says adding that in his estimation dealers haven’t been putting deco items out because they weren’t selling. The change is music to Mr. Modern’s ears. His favorite period is 1930-1939.

Sundial at the 1939 New York World's Fair

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Art deco was an authentic romantic response to the modern industrial age. While we can admire the Art Deco within its historical context, bringing it back as a STYLE seems overly sentimental for the manual labor and brute materiality of the early twentieth century. No wonder interest in Art Deco is popular among knowledge workers of today sitting in their cubes. Progress is so nostalgic!

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