A Look at the Oldest Show in the West

Some of the best promoted antique shows use a piece of history to add excitement to a show. Sometimes there’s a display from a local museum, sometimes there’s a dealer who might have an item once owned by a president of the early Republic. This time the item was a wooden trunk that many years ago and far away on the Mayflower. The passenger on that sailing vessel could have hardly imagined their box in a booth at such an oddity as an antique show in a place called Texas.

This was my first experience with an antique show in Texas. The Dolly Johnson Antiques show which bills itself as the oldest show in the West was a good place to start. In fact at almost a half-century, this show is older than many in the East.

The mix of merchandise wasn’t so different from that found in an east coast show.  There were a few booths with modern items, on exclusive mid-century modern dealer, some from the far east, a lot from Europe and a good deal of Americana. Jewery and fashion were absent.

The Fort Worth location near the Kimbell and Amon Carter museums, as well as a popular weekly flea market allowed the making of an afternoon of browsing and buying. Below are some photos from the show. Find more shows at Calendar of Antiques.

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