Ten Most Searched and Top Articles of 2009

We have compiled a list of the ten most searched in 2009. Not surprisingly “urban art” topped the list. Others in the top ten relate to some of the big art events of the year including the exhibition of Vermeer’s “Milkmaid” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The term “urban art” has a high bounce rate, indicating the visitor doesn’t spend much time at our site when they land. The rest of the terms have a much lower bounce rate, which indicates they found something they were looking for, or at least something that interests them.

The top ten are as follows:

  1. urban art
  2. Frederic Church at Bonhams
  3. Queen Anne highboy
  4. American Pickers
  5. “antiques are green”
  6. “Spirit of the Navy” Macmonnies
  7. Joan Sloan Brooklyn
  8. A.F. King
  9. Somerset PA map antique show
  10. Vermeer “Milkmaid” at the Met, picture

In addition, the site also released its list of the 10 most-read articles of 2009. They are as follows:

  1. Finding it at The Flea, 718 pageviews
  2. The Imperfect Perfect Painter, 434 pageviews
  3. Gustave Caillebotte — New Exhibition Coming to Brooklyn Museum, 432 pageviews
  4. Séraphine and Modern Primitive Paintings, 315 pageviews
  5. At Doyle, Chinese Porcelains with Outstanding Provenance, 296 pageviews
  6. The Unreproducible Pennsylvania Prize — Dower Chests, 252 pageviews
  7. At Concept Art Gallery — The Passage of Time Evident on Gallery Labels, 250 pageviews
  8. Visiting Walters Art Museum, 205 pageviews
  9. Philadelphia Queen Anne Highboy Offered at Pook & Pook, 204 pageviews
  10. Unclutter Your House: Lessons from Pilgrims, 196 pageviews

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