The Journey of Antiquing — 9: Can the Antiques Industry Learn from the Classical Music Industry?

Synopses:  The antiques industry’s biggest crisis is not the shrinking patrons or a depressed economy, it is the industry’s own resistance to any change, in particular, the business is turning down the next generation while lamenting they don’t grow up fast enough. Perhaps, it is time to look at how the classic music industry that […]

Groupon, New Customers and the Eight Letter Word We Don’t Say Anymore

Jeanne Stella, Stella Show Promotions; Jon Jenkins from Jenkins Promotions; and Melissa Sands from the Randolph Street Market and Image Pilots joined me in a podcast call this afternoon to discuss the use of Groupon in boosting the gate at shows and broadening the market to new customers that haven’t been to shows previously. Use […]

A Celebration of French Impressionism, Now Showing Near Portland

  A new exhibit “A Celebration of French Impressionism” has just opened at J D Smith Fine Art. This tribute to one of the most venerated movements in the history of art includes affordable and highly-collectable etchings, lithographs, and woodblock prints by historic French Impressionists. French Impressionism is arguably the most popular movement in the […]