At $8 Million, Ancient Chinese Jade Bear Falls Short of Estimate

An exceedingly rare, ancient Chinese Eastern Han Dynasty solid nephrite jade bear, made between 475 B.C.-220 A.D. and exhibiting extensive calcification due to centuries of extended burial, sold for a little more than $8 million at a multi-estate auction held Dec. 10 by  Florida’s Elite Decorative Arts. The nephrite (greenstone) bear was by far the […]

No More Boundaries: New York’s Latest “Antiques” Show Refuses to be Boxed In

Following a decision by the Philadelphia Antiques Show to allow items in the show created as recently as 1970, comes a press release from New York’s Metro Show about a new mantra for collectors and designers: no more boundaries. According to the release “collectors, design aficionados, and art-insiders will be treated to an astonishing array […]

Nature Observed: The Coastal California Pines of Anne C. Weary

They reflected the superlative power of the artist to synthesize geographic and flora information; yet still there seemed to lack a kind of immediacy and emotional attachment. In a tightly controlled process for public picture making, by reigning subconscious and psychological state, Anne achieved a stunning degree of intellectual revelation of nature observed.