Not Your Grandmother’s Antiques Store

Dolly Python 2

I finally made my way over to a often recommended store in Dallas today called Dolly Python. Expect to see more like this popping up. Dolly Python is not filled with furniture and Victoriana, rather select things from about 1920 forward including telephones, typewriters, clothing, boots, photos, records and lots of jewelry. This store is not catering to the aging baby boomer and the buyer is probably not collecting as much as decorating or finding things that will personalize a space. The prices here seem very reasonable-I’d expect like objects elsewhere to be priced higher. Think three to six dollars for a photo and around $30 for a 1960s typewriter.

Dolly Python One

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come by Curiosities (2025 Abrams, Dallas), we’re so not your mother’s antique mall… we’ve a taxidermied bambi.

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