The Haight-Ashbury Collection of original hand-crafted psychedelic art at Heritage Auctions

The Haight-Ashbury Collection of original hand-crafted psychedelic art, original 1960s rock posters, including original work by the biggest names in the genre – artists Rick Griffin, Alton Kelley, Stanley Mouse, David Singer and Victor Moscoso, among the many – will be offered as part of Heritage Auctions’ July 29 Signature Music & Entertainment Memorabilia Auction in Dallas.

“This amazing collection originated years ago in the San Francisco Bay Area, and was assembled by a true patron of the arts,” said Garry Shrum, Consignment Director for Music Memorabilia at Heritage. “With aspirations of becoming a poster artist himself, the collector did the next best thing to working for Bill Graham – he sought out the individual Fillmore poster artists themselves.”

After befriending the artists, and buying items directly from them – and being a man of means – he was able to put together an enormous and impressive collection, and he didn’t stop with Rock posters. He became friends with noted photographer Bob Seidemann, whose iconic photos of Janis Joplin and the Grateful Dead are included in this sale, and painter Mati Klarwein, who famously provided such wonderful graphics for album covers for the likes Miles Davis and Santana.

He also collected guitars from regular jam sessions at his house, and picking up an original “Pinball Wizard” pinball machine and much more.

“Some of the material from this amazing collection will be offered in Heritage’s Comics and Comic Art Auction in August,” said Shrum, “but the bulk of the Rock-related material is going to be offered right here at the end of July. It’s all direct from the Golden Gate City to collectors. Can’t you just smell the incense?”

Highlights of the collection include:

Alton Kelley Winged Eyeball Original Poster Art: Oil on canvas, signed by Kelley. Some dings to the frame; otherwise, in Excellent condition, 30″ x 40″, framed to 42″ x 52.5″. Estimate: $20,000+.

Mati Klarwein Atomic Bomb Poster: A large psychedelic poster by the renowned artist, circa the 1960s. Well known for his surrealist paintings, Klarwein’s works have been used on album covers for decades, including Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew, Carlos Santana’s Abraxas, and Leonard Bernstein’s Age of Anxiety. In Very Good+ condition, 50.5″ x 35″, framed to 55″ x 39.5″. Estimate: $20,000+.Jim Fitzpatrick Girl With Wings Painting: Oil on canvas. In Excellent condition, framed to 21.5″ x 21.5″. Estimate: $10,000+.

Mati Klarwein Nosdaligalastalgia Painting: Oil on wood painting, signed by Klarwein. In Very Good condition, 17″ x 23.25″. Estimate: $10,000+.

Jerry Garcia Signed Compliments Poster and Triptych Poster: A 22.5″ x 47.5″ poster signed by both Garcia and artist Victor Moscoso, matted and framed to 29.5″ x 55″ and in Excellent condition. A version of this image was used as the cover for Garcia’s 1974 LP, Compliments. Estimate: $8,000+.

Jerry Garcia 1974 Compliments Full-Figure Triptych Artwork: A triptych poster matted and framed to 39″ x 22″, in Very Good+ condition. A version of this image was used as the cover for Garcia’s 1974 LP, Compliments. Estimate: $8,000+.

Jerry Garcia 1974 Compliments Half-Figure Triptych Artwork: In Excellent condition, 39″ x 22″, matted and framed to 31″ x 47″. A version of this image was used as the cover for Garcia’s 1974 LP, Compliments. Estimate: $8,000+.

Jerry Garcia Original Album Cover Art for Garcia by Bob Seidemann (Warner Brothers, 1972): Bob Seidemann’s controversial original mixed media production art for the cover of Jerry Garcia’s first solo album, Garcia (1972). When originally released, the LP came with a “Garcia” sticker that covered up the breast in the lower right corner. A combination of photo collage and what appears to be white correction fluid separating the composition’s two areas, the piece is the epitome of “one-of-a-kind.” For Garcia fans, as well as Seidemann devotees, this artwork is a Deadhead’s dream come true. Estimate: $2,500+.

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I am the son of Al Rinker , the director of the Haight Ashbury Switch Board , he passed away almost 10 years ago , he co created the event Death of the Hippie March in an attempt to put to rest the medias negative view of people living in the Haight . I am going to sell some of his collection of very hard to find ” Funeral Notices ” My father was tasked with the printing of the notices they are a small hand bill on hard paper stock… due to the anniversary of the summer of love , 50 years now gone

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