Twaddle Holly Johnson

On Randy Twaddle’s New Drawings at Holly Johnson Gallery

Utility wires are disappearing in urban centers. They were cursed to cause untidiness of street scenes in China. Often, they are the last thing to go in a gentrified neighborhood, but once they are gone, gone with them is the care-free low-key ambiance of those hoods. In variant shades, Randy Twaddle’s coffee stained utility wires drawing recall minds of urban dwellers, at repose.

A Decisive Look at Greece at Conduit Gallery

The best of the series are those depicting local residents and small business owners, caught off guard. They manifest the painter’s virtuosity in rendering complex interior light onto cramped space of light-hued texture. The eerie light, almost palpable like a layer of thin air of uncertainty, skews the casual Mediterranean atmosphere into a modern psyche of shoestring living.