Show and Sale of Early Texas Art Coming Back in 2013

Fort Worth Community Arts Center

The Show and Sale of Early Texas Art will be back at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center in 2013. Vintage Promotions, LLC has taken on the show following more than a decade of production by the Collectors of Fort Worth Art.

“After several years enjoying the show as an art collector, I offered to take on the project,” says Eric Miller, co-owner of Vintage Promotions, LLC. “Local art collectors are enthusiastic about the show continuing.”

The show has been held for the past decade and was often followed by an exhibit that would continue for the remainder of the month. The show includes a dozen or more dealers displaying oil and watercolor paintings, prints, drawings, and other works by early Fort Worth and Texas artists.

“The term ‘Early Texas Art’ can be a little misleading,” Miller says explaining that works from as late as the 1970s can be included. “It’s not only landscapes and western scenes, but includes abstract and modern work.

“Early Texas Art includes a wealth of variety and style.”

Held August 9-10, 2013, promoters say the aim of the show will continue the quality, atmosphere and affordability of the show while at the same time expanding promotion and growing the size.

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