Opening William Reaves Houston Brants Trotter

Texas Modernism from Cowtown

When the first modern art gallery in Texas opened in 1950, Betty Blake, the owner of Betty Maclean Gallery, struggled. “I worked like a dog but I still didn’t sell much,” she told the Dallas Morning News (March 28, 2012) “People in Dallas then would rather buy Cadillacs!” Yet she considered the art scenes in […]

Luis Jiminez

From Analog to Digital — Scenes from Gallery Openings In Houston (Jan 18)

Dan Sutherland’s current solo show “SEEM” at Moody Gallery consists of mostly small oil paintings and graphite drawings. They echo our experience in which the extraordinary visual cognition bound to our fragmented memory. From afar, they possess the dynamics and elasticity of a sculpture. (In particular, the tightly controlled spatial relationship reminds me of papier-mâché […]

Joaquin Sorolla Portrait of President Taft

Sorolla at Meadows Museum of Art

Visitors will later encounter a dozen or so luminous beach scene paintings in one room. In them, the extraordinary light from Valencia, San Sebastián or Biarritz fills canvases with magic and joys as if the brilliance of the Mediterranean sun not only has dazzled our eyes but also induced our senses of sound, smell and touch (of ocean breeze), like in a daydream.