Charles Linford

(1846-1897) Pittsburgh-born Charles Linford also lived in Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey.  One of the Scalp-Level painters of Western Pennsylvania, Linford was a student of landscape painter George Hetzel. Influenced by the French Barbizon school, Linford’s favorite subject was birch trees within a fall landscape. Linford exhibited often at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts’ Annual […]

The Red Tower by Giorgio de Chirico. Oil on canvas, 1913. Guggenheim Museum (via Wikipedia)

Giorgio de Chirico

(1888-1978) Georgio de Chirico was an Italian artist and founder of the scuola metafisica art movement but later in life turned to a neoclassical or neo-Baroque style. Scuola metafisica paintings feature sharp contrasts of light and shadow and often have a vaguely threatening, mysterious quality. de Chirico studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. He had a […]

A. F. King (Albert Francis King) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons, Carnegie Museum of Art

A. F. King

(1854–1945) A. F. King (Albert Francis King) made his living by painting portraits for the residents of the growing city of Pittsburgh including Andrew Carnegie and Henry Clay Frick. He is best known however for his landscape, and especially still-life painting, including a commission used in early advertising for Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. King followed […]

Edward Hicks (American, 1780-1849). The Peaceable Kingdom, ca. 1833-1834. Oil on canvas, Brooklyn Museum

Edward Hicks

(1780 – 1849) Edward Hicks was an American folk painter known for his “Peaceable Kingdom” biblical-based animal scenes, many which feature William Penn and native Americans. Raised with Quaker beliefs, Hicks apprenticed with a coach painter before working on his own as a coach painter. Strengthening his affiliation with the Quaker religion, Hicks began painting household farm […]

Ammi Phillips

(1788-1865) Connecticut-born portrait painter Ammi Phillips was forgotten until historians and collectors reconstructed his oeuvre in the mid 20th Century. Very few of the portraits are signed, however, one portrait noted that “George C. Sunderland Painted When at the Age of 21 years by Mr, Ammi, Phillips, In the fall 1840” and helped historians piece together the […]

Christian Walter

(1850-1924) Born in Pittsburgh, Christian Walter was a self-taught impressionist landscape painter. Walters learned to paint from viewing art exhibitions that came through Pittsburgh including the Carnegie International Exhibition in 1896. He served as President of the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh. Several of his paintings are held in the collection of Penn State University.