Urban Art & Antiques is published by Urban Art & Antiques, LLC and provides frequent antiques news, views, articles and reviews of antiques, art and vintage. We cover artists, shows, auctions and other events. The art, the business and the finds are all our concerns.

Urban Art & Antiques is based in Dallas, Texas. We cover antiques shows, art openings and events wherever we can, as well as welcome and solicit contributions to shows, openings and events elsewhere, but primarily in the United States.

Urban Art & Antiques also maintains the Calendar of Antiques at http://www.calendarofantiques.com.

Promoters, artists, gallery owners and antique dealers are welcome to submit press releases on art, antiques, vintage and related events.

Contact us at Urban Art & Antiques, LLC, PO Box 192734 Dallas, Texas, 75219.

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Antiques News: Urban Art & Antiques


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