Under the Splendid Look — Visiting Dallas International Art, Antiques & Jewelry Show

Trading in for a better location, the Dallas International Art, Antiques & Jewelry Show has moved back to the city. Although Market Hall cannot compete with the Irving Convention Center in terms of the facility quality, the show organizers have transformed the hall into a magnificent space – plush light-gray colored carpet throughout, custom walls […]

The Kimbell at 40

40 years is long, for human’s life. Yet for art institutions, it’s like a blink. Now, the Kimbell Art Museum, at 40, is celebrating the process of collecting with the largest ever installation from its permanent collection…
To some extent, the Kimbell is having an adolescent anxiety with too much to express out of too little experience. The result is like a melting pot of assorted ethnic cuisines, rejuvenating your bodily sense at first but upsetting your stomach in the end.

Will Technology Save or Enhance Our Museum Visit?

I do not blame those looking at artworks through their 2 by 3 inches LCD screens from the digital cameras. It is part of the human nature to own things, in this particular case to own (or more precisely to record) the experience of visiting. Louvre or Met or any major art institutions have such overwhelming collections that for first-time visitors (especially those foreign visitors who may not be able to visit the museum again in another decade), their desire to cover as many as possible requires “democratizing” the art appreciation so that they either spend meagre time on each one or pass a lot to compensate the time spent on some major “famous” ones. After all, sightseeing in Paris will not be accomplished without a visit to Louvre, nevertheless Louvre is not all Paris offers and to spend 3 hours in Louvre on as few as 30 artworks sounds less efficient or even guilty with regard to the vast collection in the museum. [Read More…]

Brooklyn Museum Joins List of Museums with Staff Reduction

In a letter by Arnold Lehman, the director of the Brooklyn Museum on June 16, it is declared that the museum has reduced the workforce by 10% including both laying off 12 employees and buy-out departures. Eventually, the museum joins a long list of art institutions which use staff reduction to cut the budget. Indianapollis, Detroit, Walters, and even Metropolitan Museum of Art (closing store staff in this case) have declared laying off early this year.

The Importance Of Being Philhellenic And Homoerotic

Looking at the works by Hernan Bas at his solo exhibition in Brooklyn Museum, I was pondering what inspired Mr. Bas with all these pictures. His male figures, though never taking too much space of each picture, have a Cézannian directness from plane colors and small yet visible brushstrokes. However, the architectural solidity in techniques melts down in the overtone of sexuality and near hallucinated fantasy. Are Miami gay scene that decadent?

In all pictures, only one type of persons are depicted: white teen male, smooth and slender, mostly naked or if not in certain narcissism way. Even Jack McFarland in Will and Grace would look more butch compared to them. But luckily they don’t live in this world, or should I rephrase, they are not willing to live in this world. They would take the time shuttle from the 21st century Florida to Hellenic or Roman period, and play the drama of being sardonic or saintly, love wooer or love martyr.