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Kathleen Guzman Heritage Auctions

Appraisal Stories from Kathleen Guzman, 20th Anniversary of Antiques Roadshow

When Antiques Roadshow started, recalled auctioneer Kathleen Guzman during a lecture at Heritage Auctions last night, there might have been 500 people for a show taping. It wasn’t until the taping for first show of the second season, this time in Pittsburgh, when things started to catch on. When they opened the door, they stared

General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander, accompanied by Gen. Omar N. Bradley, and Lt. Gen. George S. Patton, Jr., inspect art treasures stolen by Germans and hidden in salt mine in Germany.

Of Monuments and Men

The movie The Monuments Men tells the story of those assigned to protect the art treasures of Europe during World War II. Hitler is amassing the treasures of civilization all destined for a De Führer Museum. Modern works are of course not included in the treasure hunt. Works by Picasso and others are destroyed. While

Art Royalty Copyright

Could Art Dealers Become Subject to Royalty Payments?

If proponents of legislation get their way, some living artists may be able to get paid more than once for their work. I first became familiar with the effort through Clayton Pennington’s editorial in the February Maine Antiques Digest. Living visual artists could also financially when a work is sold, and when it’s resold. I

By Lauren Meyers (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons Hotel Texas: An Art Exhibition for the President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy

Oil and Canvas, Art for Jack and Jackie

Senior Curator of European and American Art at the Dallas Museum of Art, Oliver Meslay told a crowd of docents assembled at the museum Monday that it wasn’t the easiest exhibit to put together, nor the most obvious. Rather the need for Hotel Texas: An Art Exhibition for the President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy

Chicago Botanic

Hundreds Shrug Off Floods to Attend Botanic Garden Opener

The preview party at Chicago Botanic Garden Antiques and Garden Fair is at the top of everyone’s list as far as antique-oriented events in the city. The significant flooding that occurred yesterday could however put a damper on anyone’s plans. “You might have assumed not many would show up,” says Melissa Sands who covered the


Early Texas Art, A Primer: Part One

Nearly 200 people made it to the Witte Museum in San Antonio for the Annual CASETA conference. If you’re not familiar, CASETA stands for the Center for the Advancement and Study of Early Texas Art. Before you start, there are two things to know about Early Texas Art. First, if you spend time hanging around