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Round Top Texas Antique Week

At Round Top, Always a Good Time to Buy

At Round Top, Always a Good Time to Buy

The lines along Texas 237 seemed as long as ever on October 1, the last day of the week-long antique event. In fact, they may have been longer than any in recent memory. The town looked as adorable as ever. Still, several of the dealers we talked to seemed to indicate something is amiss. The

Diego Rivera Mural Mexico City

If You Had to Choose One Museum in Mexico City

If you could only visit one museum in Mexico City, which would it be? That was the question faced when planning our first venture into Mexico City. The first time in any city, save perhaps Detroit, can’t be a museum trip. This is especially true when the trip is only three days. But travels wouldn’t be

Julian Onderdonk, signed Chas. Turner, untitled (Mexican Woman with Jacal), n.d. (ca. 1905), 8 X 12", oil on canvas. Julian painted a number of scenes like this with Hispanic women, a jacal or rural dwelling, the Juniper and cacti, often the scenes were in the abandon quarry to the north of his family home.

Book Review: Julian Onderdonk’s Lost Paintings

Julian Onderdonk is best known today as a painter of misty landscapes covered in bluebonnets. His work is the pride of museums and his paintings, particularly those of Texas Hill Country landscape, are highly sought by collectors. But a large portion of his work remains to be discovered. Julian’s father, Robert Jenkins Onderdonk, was a New-York

Oak Cliff Artists Bishop Arts District

Oak Cliff, A Legacy of Art and Cheap Rent

If any Dallas neighborhood is most associated with being a place where artists live, it’s probably Oak Cliff. Sure, the area around White Rock Lake has a large number of artists living there. Oak Lawn was once known as the center for art galleries, a role that’s been taken on by the Design District and

Albert Francis King [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

A Late Night Snack with AF King

When the Art for Appetite exhibit came to the Amon Carter Museum of American Art in Fort Worth this summer, a painting by the lesser-known artist Albert Francis King ( AF King ) not only held its own with other paintings in the exhibition but stood out. Perhaps the finely-painted glass with beer, biscuits and cheese

Belo Collection Auction

Curator Recalls Assembling the Belo Collection- Auction Saturday

A staggering amount of contemporary Texas art currently lines the walls of Heritage Auctions in the Design District. And many works were unable to be displayed. They are from the collection of the Belo Corporation, and going up for auction Saturday. The Belo Corporation amassed the art during its media heyday. Belo owned broadcast and cable