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Rufino Tamayo at MOMA (1941)

On the Idea of a Modern Art Museum

On the Idea of a Modern Art Museum

I’ve often thought that history should be taught backwards. Start with our own place in time and trace the steps back. Of course that would be hard to do with museums. We don’t know quite what from our own time deserves collecting. We also don’t know quite where we are in the particular paradigm of

Bakewell Pittsburgh Glass at the Met in New York

Pittsburgh Glass at the Met

p5rn7vb Sometimes it is incorrectly assumed that museums are filled only with very high-end items with very high price tags. Indeed, many of the items are in those categories. Especially in the decorative arts, museums also collect items to record the history of design and production. While the collection of glass from Pittsburgh at the

Sam England and Eric de Llamas

Art and the Self, New Works at Ro2

Good art can take time. It can take time to create, and time to take in. We don’t often think of art as collaborative, but often it requires more collaboration than we recognize. A new work on display at Ro2 Gallery in Downtown Dallas took several years to comple, and is the work of two