Nature Observed: The Coastal California Pines of Anne C. Weary

They reflected the superlative power of the artist to synthesize geographic and flora information; yet still there seemed to lack a kind of immediacy and emotional attachment. In a tightly controlled process for public picture making, by reigning subconscious and psychological state, Anne achieved a stunning degree of intellectual revelation of nature observed.

Of Birdstones, Bannerstones and Flints

The catalog for the Earl Townsend, Jr. Collection of Birdstones, Bannerstones and Flints, at Dan Ripley’s Antique Helper in Indianapolis, just crossed my desk. I’d heard about this sale earlier, but the images on the Internet didn’t inspire me. The full color photos of the little stone bird effigies virtually pulsate with life. The carvings themselves are pristine, making […]

The Journey of Antiquing — 9: Can the Antiques Industry Learn from the Classical Music Industry?

Synopses:  The antiques industry’s biggest crisis is not the shrinking patrons or a depressed economy, it is the industry’s own resistance to any change, in particular, the business is turning down the next generation while lamenting they don’t grow up fast enough. Perhaps, it is time to look at how the classic music industry that […]