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Kathleen Guzman Heritage Auctions

Appraisal Stories from Kathleen Guzman, 20th Anniversary of Antiques Roadshow

Appraisal Stories from Kathleen Guzman, 20th Anniversary of Antiques Roadshow

When Antiques Roadshow started, recalled auctioneer Kathleen Guzman during a lecture at Heritage Auctions last night, there might have been 500 people for a show taping. It wasn’t until the taping for first show of the second season, this time in Pittsburgh, when things started to catch on. When they opened the door, they stared

Art Royalty Copyright

Could Art Dealers Become Subject to Royalty Payments?

If proponents of legislation get their way, some living artists may be able to get paid more than once for their work. I first became familiar with the effort through Clayton Pennington’s editorial in the February Maine Antiques Digest. Living visual artists could also financially when a work is sold, and when it’s resold. I

Interest in Antiques Over Time

The Journey of Antiquing — The End of Antiques?

The next generation of buyers, living in a virtual world, is more conversant with Instagram or Twitter than TV programs. It is true that there will always be buyers for antiques, high or low; but without a solid base of general interests, dealers will fight an uphill battle of selling slow-moving merchandise on top of incremental show cost

Fort Worth Show Dolly Johnson

50 Years and Into the Fort Worth Show

About three years ago, I attended my first antiques show after moving to Texas — the Dolly Johnson Show. Although the show had gone more mid-century and industrial than in previous years, the show stopper then was the Susanna Fuller White trunk, from the Mayflower. Americana was still the heart and soul of the show.

house of cards screen shot

Could TV Show Furnishings Invade American Homes?

It occurred to me a while back that perhaps the reason the proliferation of shows on television about antiques have generally coincided with a down market is because of the focus on the price. For them to be appreciated and appreciate, antiques need to be something you want to own, not something you want to

Original Miami Beach Antiques Show

US Antiques Shows Acquires Miami National reports U.S. Antique Shows has completed the purchase of  the Miami National Antiques Show & Sale from Dolphin Promotions. U.S. Antiques Shows produces antique jewelry and watch shows in Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas and Miami. This year the show was held one week prior to the company’s own Original Miami Beach Antique Show.

Soap Hollow

Understated Theta Show Reaffirms Position as Foremost in the South

For some visitors at this year’s Theta Antiques Show, they may be surprised to see changes in the exhibition roster. Some dealers could not make their way from Delaware Antiques Show to Houston in just two days. That opened the door to new faces with unconventional merchandise. Once again Theta proves its prominent status as