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Antiquing in Buenos Aires

Antiquing in Buenos Aires

The guide book published in 2006 we expected would lead us to some antiques shops was looking like it might be a guide to things that weren’t there anymore. While the first two antiques shops were gone, we did manage to locate a healthy antiques district. I expect antiques to be more popular in a

If You Needed More Discouragement

An article in the Wall Street Journal can provide it. The value of antiques, specifically brown furniture, continues its decline. Here are some stinging highlights… That American Colonial George III table? It would fetch less on the market than a twill love seat at Crate and Barrel. Most people with money to spend on furniture

Kathleen Guzman Heritage Auctions

Appraisal Stories from Kathleen Guzman, 20th Anniversary of Antiques Roadshow

When Antiques Roadshow started, recalled auctioneer Kathleen Guzman during a lecture at Heritage Auctions last night, there might have been 500 people for a show taping. It wasn’t until the taping for first show of the second season, this time in Pittsburgh, when things started to catch on. When they opened the door, they stared

Art Royalty Copyright

Could Art Dealers Become Subject to Royalty Payments?

m4s0n501 If proponents of legislation get their way, some living artists may be able to get paid more than once for their work. I first became familiar with the effort through Clayton Pennington’s editorial in the February Maine Antiques Digest. Living visual artists could also financially when a work is sold, and when it’s resold.