The Country Home of Mega-Collector Duncan Phillips

It was through the current exhibit (on view through January 6) at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art that I learned more about the Phillips Collection and Duncan Phillips himself. An astute collector, Phillips didn’t have the wealth to match Andrew Carnegie or Andrew Mellon, but never-the-less assembled one of the country’s great collections. […]

The Kimbell at 40

40 years is long, for human’s life. Yet for art institutions, it’s like a blink. Now, the Kimbell Art Museum, at 40, is celebrating the process of collecting with the largest ever installation from its permanent collection…
To some extent, the Kimbell is having an adolescent anxiety with too much to express out of too little experience. The result is like a melting pot of assorted ethnic cuisines, rejuvenating your bodily sense at first but upsetting your stomach in the end.

More Great Things to See on Your Visit to Philadelphia Antiques Week recently offered visitors to Philadelphia’s Antiques Week five reasons to revisit this year including a new home at the Convention Center for the Philadelphia Antiques Show, an exhibit on firefighter memorabilia at the 23rd Street Armory Antiques Show, some recently acquired paintings at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, an exhibit relating to Dr. Barnes […]

American Pickers and Antique Archaeology Come to Nashville

On July 2, 2011, Nashville, Tennessee welcomed her newest business: Antique Archaeology. Owner Mike Wolfe of History Channel’s American Pickers, has long had a relationship with Nashville, with antique dealers, designers, sellers and private customers. Wolfe has owned the parent store of Antique Archeology in LaClaire, Iowa for about five years. Since the debut of […]

Rufus A. Grider & Fritz Vogt in the Mohawk Valley

Canajoharie is a sleepy upstate town in the Mohawk Valley that once boasted the best hops fields around and big industry. It was home to, among others, the Mohawks, Susan B. Anthony,  a historian/teacher/artist named Rufus A. Grider and a drifter/day laborer/ artist named Fritz Vogt.  Settled between the Adirondacks and Catskill mountains, the region […]