Indiana Museum Discovers it Owns a Picasso, Decides to Sell

A glass painting in storage at Indiana’s Evansville Museum of Art was recently determined to have been made by Pablo Picasso, but was not identified as such when it was gifted to the institution in the 1960s. “Seated Woman with Red Hat” (“Femme assise au chapeau rouge”) c. 1954-1956 was created using a layered glass technique called gemmail […]

Judge Rules $2.6 million Painting is a Fake

A judge in England recently ruled a painting purchased for more than $2.6 million from Christie’s in London is a fake. Christie’s must pay Russian billionaire buyer Viktor Vekselberg the $2.6 million, plus $2.2 million in damages, according to the Daily Telegraph. Originally thought to be painted by Boris Kustodiev, the signature was allegedly made […]

Remains of Model For Mona Lisa May Have Been Found in Italian Convent

From Sri Lanka the Sunday Observer reports that archaeologists may have uncovered the remains of Lisa Gherardini, better known as the woman who posed for the Mona Lisa. The remains are being recovered from beneath the floor of a convent in Florence, Italy. Lisa Gherardini, known as Lisa del Giocondo in Italy, became a nun after her husband’s death […]