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Urban-Themed Artworks Explore the Privilege of Ignorance

Urban-Themed Artworks Explore the Privilege of Ignorance

Works on display later this summer at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center will explore the topic of privileged ignorance. Local artist Allison Proulx depicts flourishing city centers layered over elements of frequently catastrophic current events. “The ease with which we are able to overlook global chaos and suffering reflects how desensitized and disconnected we

Artspace Selfie with Anne Weary, Vera Barnett and Eric Miller

Regional Talents Shine in Fort Worth

The first regional juried exhibition at Artspace 111 opened on June 20. It limits its geographical scope to artists residing in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Louisiana. Although including neighboring states opens the door to more talent, majority of the participants are local. Dr. Ron Tyler, former director at the Amon Carter Museum of American

Portraiture by Kim Brewer

Portraits by Kim Brewer

Handcrafts have traditionally been associated with feminine activities, especially in a domestic setting. Brewer nevertheless embraces low art into her artistic pursuit. In her own modest words, she is not a master of any medium, but she is willing to let each medium guide her into a terrain unknown, searching for her own artistic voice.

Frederiksborg Castle by Moonlight

Dallas Museum of Art Acquires Moonlit Scene by Johan Christian Dahl

The Dallas Museum of Art acquired in May “Frederiksborg Castle by Moonlight,” 1817, by Danish artist Johan Christian Dahl (1788 – 1857). The museum says the painting is one of the most important works from the Copenhagen phase of Johan Christian Dahl’s career. Long missing, the work was rediscovered in 2000 after a cleaning revealed

Sam England and Eric de Llamas

Art and the Self, New Works at Ro2

Good art can take time. It can take time to create, and time to take in. We don’t often think of art as collaborative, but often it requires more collaboration than we recognize. A new work on display at Ro2 Gallery in Downtown Dallas took several years to comple, and is the work of two

James Turrell Skyspace @Rice University

An Ecstasy That Rocks Into A Lullaby — James Turrell’s Skyspace at Rice University

Like Tarkovsky’ movies, Turrell’s Skyspace at Rice University takes long. Each long-waited color transition blends the boundary between artificial and natural, and blurs our perception with memory. In doing so, the hour-long program functions as a lullaby for adults. The initial ecstasy recedes into a spiritual form of self reflection.

James Surls Houston

Public Art Blooms in Houston

It’s not often that a piece of public art of any consequence is added to a cityscape. The recent installation of a work by James Surls in the Upper Kirby neighborhood in Houston warranted a drive. The 35-foot tall Tree and Three Flowers sculpture is unmistakably Surls. The pointed petals spiral out from the stainless