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Billy Hassell Conduit Fort Worth

From Nature to Nudes — Art Scenes from Dallas Art Galleries Opening Night April 5

Once again the first stop during the art walk was Conduit Gallery. Here Billy Hassell’s new exhibition Illumination at Conduit Gallery challenges whether a decorative tradition, once in full bloom, can be perceived beyond its decorative nature. Whimsical and cheery, flora and fauna are flattened into opaque shapes interlocking within giant canvases. Its maniac nature-inspired

Dallas Art Fair

In Pursuit of the Transaction at the Dallas Art Fair

Little can be found for an overarching or coordinated curatorial effort within participants. To maximize the likelihood of sale, galleries boost the variety in the spirit of “there is something for everyone”. The result was like a holiday bazaar with pricier tags. The art, in consequence, feels and looks, more like commodity than any other time.

David Bates at Fort Worth Modern

On Bates and Regionalism

In an article published in Fort Worth Star Telegram, David Bates commented: “Regionalism is a nasty comment. It makes art seem small-minded. There is no difference between what I do or what Marsden Hartley or Diebenkorn did. What I do couldn’t be more American. You can look at German art as regional, Chinese art as

Awadlo Craighead-Green Dallas

Discovering James Zwadlo and Other Joys at Dallas Art Walk

There are few sidewalks in the Dallas Design District. Pedestrian art lovers mix with slow moving cars as they traverse the industrial buildings during the openings, which occur here every five weeks. That doesn’t bode well for the neighborhood generally, but doesn’t seem to matter during the openings. Perhaps the most rewarding work on display

General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander, accompanied by Gen. Omar N. Bradley, and Lt. Gen. George S. Patton, Jr., inspect art treasures stolen by Germans and hidden in salt mine in Germany.

Of Monuments and Men

The movie The Monuments Men tells the story of those assigned to protect the art treasures of Europe during World War II. Hitler is amassing the treasures of civilization all destined for a De Führer Museum. Modern works are of course not included in the treasure hunt. Works by Picasso and others are destroyed. While