MAM Explores Art of Vinyl

This exhibit seems to be complimentary to a recent revelation by Neil Young that Apple Co-founder Steve Jobs preferred Vinyl. Like Young, some artists also prefer the medium. The Miami Art Museum (MAM) will soon kick off a season dedicated to exploring the culture of vinyl records within the history of contemporary art with The Record: Contemporary Art […]

Remorse From An Underbidder, or How I Could Have Owned A Piece of Gustav Mahler, But I didn’t. Yet I Am More Likely To Own One In Future

With all these uncertainty in my mind, I left an absentee bid, which as the title said, was not high enough. From a collecting point of view, I always think it is actually nice not to get the first hunt in a new field so that the interest and passion can be tested over time while the knowledge can be further enhanced. Falling in love at the first sight is romantic, but collecting is not dating, but marriage with the goal of life long harmony and enjoyment (albeit sometimes “divorce” may happen”). In this case, the second look or third look is more important. The question is: Can I find another piece of Mahler by Emil Orlik? [Read More…]

John Tefteller Wins Record on Ebay, Issues Press Release

Lots are won on eBay every day, some with high prices, but few buyers respond to a winning lot by issuing a press release. Oregon Blues Collector and longtime Rare Records dealer John Tefteller won a recent eBay auction which featured a previously unknown and potentially one of a kind Blues 45 rpm record produced by the Sun label back in 1953. “I think I stole it,” said Tefteller in his release. [Read More…]

Collecting Classical CDs

So how long will the market begin to see the collectible values of CDs? If the question is asked a few years ago, I would say not soon. But with the rapid growth of music content on internet, music is on the final stage of being decoupled from its media. Every movement toward some new style may also trigger the nostagia sentimentality. No matter in what age, the desire to own tangible things is part of the human nature. Thus the day when we cannot ‘t find a regular online store to buy CDs will be the days when memory of physical solidity associated with music demands a space in antiques mall allocated for these plastic discs. You may think this may come a long way, but the trasition is happening, at a lighting speed that you may not notice.

The Pursuit of Inconvenient Music

“There are some people who would kill their own mother for the only copy of a Son House record, and they sure as hell would kill your mother, and you.” From the article “They’ve Got Those Old, Hard-to-Find Blues” by Amada Petrusich on New York Times.

At the age when almost every piece of music on earth can be downloaded from online and be played on a tiny plastic equipment, there are still people who are fervent for collecting some “unwieldy, impractical and unstable” records which only holds two to three minutes music per side, for thousand dollars or even more.

The Triumphant Escapism

Now it has changed: Young generation of Chinese talk about Shostakovitch, Boulez, or John Adams, but 50 years ago, the only officially approved western music in China was of Russian School. Less rhetoric than German, less dandy than French, Russian music is one of the kind that my father’s generation felt and loved. The Bavarian […]

Simple Gifts To Obama’s Inauguration

Although “Lincoln Portrait” was withdrawn because of the political reason, it still remains as Copland’s most performed piece. Perhaps there is no better timing than today that “Lincoln Portrait” should be performed for the inauguration of the first African American president in the United States. From the 16th to the 44th president, America has taken a long road to illustrate the essence of democracy.[…]