Twaddle Holly Johnson

On Randy Twaddle’s New Drawings at Holly Johnson Gallery

Utility wires are disappearing in urban centers. They were cursed to cause untidiness of street scenes in China. Often, they are the last thing to go in a gentrified neighborhood, but once they are gone, gone with them is the care-free low-key ambiance of those hoods. In variant shades, Randy Twaddle’s coffee stained utility wires drawing recall minds of urban dwellers, at repose.

Flea Market Sculpture Tops $20K at Auction

If you’ve ever stood in a flea market and wondered what you were looking at, it might be a lot of money. Found at a Flea Market in Philadelphia for $200, a unique sculpture commissioned by Tiffany & Co. from one of the world’s foremost living silversmiths floored a standing-room only auction Tuesday at Freeman’s […]

Vintage Lighting from Chicago Flea Markets. Skyscraper Deco Fan Light Helene Lys, Cavelier Lighting

Vintage Lighting a Unique Find at Chicago’s Vintage Garage

Lighting can be really boring. Vintage Lighting from Chicago Flea Markets is not. So often homes and apartments are adorned with fixtures that came from contractor multi-packs offered by big discount chains. Changing the lighting is such an easy task, but locating the right replacement isn’t always so easy- contemporary fixtures just aren’t that interesting. […]