John Tefteller Wins Record on Ebay, Issues Press Release

Lots are won on eBay every day, some with high prices, but few buyers respond to a winning lot by issuing a press release. Oregon Blues Collector and longtime Rare Records dealer John Tefteller won a recent eBay auction which featured a previously unknown and potentially one of a kind Blues 45 rpm record produced by the Sun label back in 1953. “I think I stole it,” said Tefteller in his release. [Read More…]

The Pursuit of Inconvenient Music

“There are some people who would kill their own mother for the only copy of a Son House record, and they sure as hell would kill your mother, and you.” From the article “They’ve Got Those Old, Hard-to-Find Blues” by Amada Petrusich on New York Times.

At the age when almost every piece of music on earth can be downloaded from online and be played on a tiny plastic equipment, there are still people who are fervent for collecting some “unwieldy, impractical and unstable” records which only holds two to three minutes music per side, for thousand dollars or even more.