At Concept Art Gallery — The Passage of Time Evident on Gallery Labels

Except Chinese ink-wash paintings, whose ownership is genuinely documented through personal seals over hundreds of years, for the majority of the artworks available in the market, to trace the previous ownership is harder than to decipher a papyrus document written in hieroglyph. However, sometimes we are blessed with old labels from prominent galleries. For Barbizon and Tonalism paintings, […]

Popular Salon of the People

The Carnegie currently has a show “Popular Salon of the People: Associated Artists of Pittsburgh Annuals at Carnegie Museum of Art, 1910–2006” which contains several works by Pittsburgh artist Johanna K. Hailman. Known for painting flowers, Hailman also apparently tried her hand at painting steel mills. Her work along these lines hangs in the show […]

Transcendental Travels

Winston Churchill once said “the farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” This quote as I learned of it came from a book about the Luminist painter Fitz H. Lane, a transcendental-influenced Unitarian. The author, James A. Craig had something more to say on the way time relates to […]

Upcoming Auctions

Dargate@ Pittsburgh, PA, There are not many high end pieces except one painting by Landseer, RA. Butfor collector specializing in West Pennsylvania art and antique,there are some interesting items. Barridoff @ Portland, ME, Without doubt, Barridoff offers pieces with museum names if not museum quality. There are several Hudson River School works by […]