Talavera Pottery at Crow Collection of Asian Art

The show coincides with an election stirred by a rhetoric promoting nationalism, in the phrase of “America First”. Apolitical as it may seem, Talavera pottery states that cultural identities are sediments of innovation and development, through generations of both indigenous and foreign minds, all becoming possible when the world revolves into one global community. Sure, Chinese, Muslim, and Europeans all have left their marks on this pottery, so what? In the end, it is uniquely and truly Mexican.

Not Every Plate Is The Same

Nearly 70 lots were sold in the last weekend’s auction at Brunk. Most of them were appraised as medium-range items, from couple hundreds to a few thousand dollars and were sold within the estimates,¬† however, fierce competition possibly between an on-site bidder and an internet bidder fired up the prices of a few items to […]