At Concept Art Gallery – In Search of the Balance Between Aesthetic Proclivity and Scientific Objectivity

Among the mediocre auctions of 2009, Yves St Laurent estate auction was the most invigorating and discussed one. It proves glamor and connoisseurship are fail-proof recipes of successful sales. Quite often, single estate sales bring out the personalities and tastes of collectors up to the front; thus adding additional tangible values to the pleasure of owning things. [Read More…]

At Concept Art Gallery — The Passage of Time Evident on Gallery Labels

Except Chinese ink-wash paintings, whose ownership is genuinely documented through personal seals over hundreds of years, for the majority of the artworks available in the market, to trace the previous ownership is harder than to decipher a papyrus document written in hieroglyph. However, sometimes we are blessed with old labels from prominent galleries. For Barbizon and Tonalism paintings, […]

Hell With The Lid Off — Paintings At Concept Art Gallery Reveals Real Beauty of Western Pennsylvania

In 1868 Boston writer James Parton called Pittsburgh “hell with the lid off.”  The “black” town, however, has never been short of talented artists. For some, the smoke and dirt pushed them to find pastoral retreat nearby; for others like Christian Walter, “no other place in the world has the wealth of material that can […]