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Fisk and Crystal Bridges Agree on Sharing Stieglitz Collection

The battle over the art collection at Fisk University in Nashville is over. Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art announced moments ago that it will remain intact and be viewed, appreciated, and studied by a wide public audience because a long-term collection-sharing relationship has been finalized between Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and Fisk

One Measure of a Great Portrait, Eakins at Crystal Bridges

It may not have been the first choice for a major work by Thomas Eakins to adorn the walls of the Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas. That of course was The Gross Clinic which shows Dr.Samuel D. Gross, a seventy-year-old professor dressed in a black frock coat, as he lectures a group of Jefferson

Prelude to Posts on Crystal Bridges

The Crystal Bridges Museum of Art is more than I expected. While I expected to see great things, the assemblage of American Art is an outstanding achievement. Many of the paintings that line the walls of the Moshe Safdie-designed buildings are exceptional examples of works both of the period, and of the particular artist. That’s

$20 Million Donation from Walmart Makes Crystal Bridges Admission-Free

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art today announced a $20 million grant from Walmart to cover admission fees for all visitors. Prior to the grant, a $10 admission fee was being considered for adults. “While saving people money is how we make people’s lives better every day, we realize that things like listening to your

Philadelphia Museum of Art on an Acquiring Spree

Crystal Bridges isn’t the only museum acquiring these days, and some of the art is traveling north. The Philadelphia Museum of Art announced recently it has acquired three important French Impressionist paintings by Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, and Alfred Sisley, and a pastel by Mary Cassatt, the Pennsylvania native and American expatriate who became famously

NY Masterworks Help Celebrate 50 Years of Art at the Amon Carter

On the way in to preview what is likely a once in a lifetime opportunity to see masterworks from the New York Historical Society in Fort Worth, I noticed a portrait of Amon Carter by portrait artist Scott Gentling had been moved. Adjacent to it now hangs a portrait of Ruth Carter Stevenson by the

Hudson River Runs Through Texas

One of the most treasured paintings in American art, Kindred Spirits (1849) by Asher B. Durand, will be on view at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art this spring. The painting, on loan from the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art (Bentonville, Ark.), will hang concurrently with the museum’s special exhibition, The Hudson River

Moran’s Pennsylvania Valley Goes To Crystal Bridges

  Yesterday, Alice Walton announced another addition to Cristal Bridges’ permanent collection. “Autumn Landscape” by Thomas Moran was bought by the previous owner, Bernice Jones, in an estate sale in Chicago for decorating her husband’s office. She didn’t know who the painter was when she bought it and was apparently was attracted by the eastern Pennsylvania

Come and Go —- Thoughts About the Recent Acquisition and Deaccession

Museums are always collecting. I have found a tea pot in the Brooklyn Museum which was produced in the 1990’s for Target stores. Based on my observation, today major traditional American institutions mostly concentrate the contemporary arts. Such practice is NOT because they have changed their directions; on the contrary it is the direction that