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Art Royalty Copyright

Could Art Dealers Become Subject to Royalty Payments?

Could Art Dealers Become Subject to Royalty Payments?

If proponents of legislation get their way, some living artists may be able to get paid more than once for their work. I first became familiar with the effort through Clayton Pennington’s editorial in the February Maine Antiques Digest. Living visual artists could also financially when a work is sold, and when it’s resold. I

Current Slump in Furniture Prices Not the First

Moderating a presentation at the Heart of Country Antiques Show in Nashville, veteran painting, and furniture dealer Woody Straub commented the slump in the current market was actually the third such dramatic decline in his lifetime. If you walked over to a table along a side wall and picked up a complimentary issue of Maine

The First of the Young Buyers

Such blunt talk from The Young Collector in Maine Antiques Digest. In the article titled The Last of the Young Collectors? in the December issue Hollie Davis and Andrew Richmond write that the bottom line is that young professionals are not interested in purchasing and living with antiques. No young collectors are coming into the