American Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture Sale at Christie’s

Among 188 lots offered at “American Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture” sale at Christie’s today, some were consigned by prestigious art institutions such as the Montclair Art Museum,  the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, the Denver Art Museum and the Delaware Art Museum. Not all deaccessioned museum pieces received equal attention from the public. Two out of […]

Laying Off Artwork — On Montclair Art Museum Wholesaling (Or Deaccessioning) Its Permanent Collection

But the news that Montclair Art Museum is going to deaccession 50 artworks from today’s WSJ still disturbs me, not only because the public outcry of National Academy’s deaccessioning two works has not died out, but also because the tone that Lora Urbanelli, the director of the museum holds reflects that after repetition of deaccessioning from different institutions, American Museums have gone astray with respect to the notion of what collections stand for. Collection becomes no long what defines an art institute, but just part of its asset which will be traded in or out due to its financial situation or curatorial tastes. [read more…]

On The Death Of Andrew Wyeth

The world of Wyeth is small, spare, restrained but melancholy. One can challenge its pertinence to the 21th century, but no one will not be convinced by his seriousness and unsurpassed faculty that he encompassed in his works. In an era that abstract, minimalism and other super modern styles dominate the contemporary market, by speaking differently on the paper and canvas, he complemented and enriched the notion of what art is and how it connects to us. And that’s how I will remember him as a master.