Séraphine and Modern Primitive Paintings

There is a tremendous sense of revelation and relief when Séraphine stands beside her two-meter long canvas. The dense and controlled decorative pattern of flora has a wilderness of jungles and labyrinth. When such clarity in flowers, leaves and fruits is multiplied in hundreds of folds, a simple tree grows and intertwines into a world that defies verbal even logic analysis. Thus the modern primitive, by avoiding the mind play of scholarly connoisseurship, reaches our heart in a direct and express way. But in my mind, the movie of Séraphine is not just about art or an artist. It is a hymn of extraordinary natures of human beings. Out of mundane looking and humble background is there unlimited possibility of beauty and novelty that redefine the boundaries of human capability. Here it is the art that teach us to tolerate and appreciate human differences. Only when we free our mindsets from the social rigidity of the artist identity and the traditional aesthetics of how paintings should look could we truly SEE the art and the world. [Read More…]