Last Chance to See

Quite often a temporary exhibition will see two peaks of attendance: one at the opening and one near the close. A few excellent exhibitions in New York region will close in one or two weeks, thus this cold New York weekend, will be the last chance to see them. 1.  Met: American Stories: Paintings of […]

Newark Museum Celebrates its 100th Anniversary

The Newark Museum will celebrate its 100-hour Centennial Celebration Marathon, a multi-cultural extravaganza offered, round-the-clock, from 10:30 a.m. on April 22 to 6:00 p.m. on April 26. The imaginative programs planned for the Centennial Celebration include demonstrations and workshops in art forms from quilting and pottery; armchair talks with members of the Museum’s distinguished curatorial […]

Buy The Case, Return The Pearl

The frames made by Hermann Dudley Murphy, more rustic and burnished, demonstrated the right balance between the societal sophistication necessary for the high art in elite circles and the yearning toward a simpler and modern form in the Gilded Age. They also carry both a distinguished American straight-forwardness and a unique personal style; thus adding another humane touch to the appreciation of those paintings. [Read more…]

The Hushed Note

Among all the paintings representing American Barbizon and Tonalism paintings in the ongoing “Path to Impressionism” exhibition at Newark Art Museum, Bruce Crane‘s “A November Scene” is the one which speaks to me the most. Everything in the picture is subdued: color, form and subject. The scene is not beautiful itself, but evocative, with a […]